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We help our clients:

  1. Identify new product opportunities... benefit screens, white space identification, problem detection.
  2. Extend current brands... brand stretch studies, market structure, line optimization, flavor screening.
  3. Understand their customers and market... attitude and usage studies, market segmentation, habits and practices, diary studies.
  4. Develop/refine brand positionings... brand equity and image studies, concept testing, name testing.
  5. Maximize product and packaging appeal... taste testing, home use testing, product reformulation and cost reduction, functional package assessment, label graphics studies.
  6. Optimize consumer messages... copy testing, claims tests, legal claims substantiation.
  7. Evaluate pricing strategies... price sensitivity studies (Van Westendorp model), with trial and revenue components.
  8. Monitor in-market strategies and performance... tracking studies, awareness/trial/usage studies, trier satisfaction research.

In addition to the above, we craft many studies that do not fall into any classifications, but instead are "one-offs" requiring a singularly one-of-a-kind approach.